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GMS-autorisatie is moeilijk? We hebben het lang geleden gedaan!


As we all know, Android devices have become mainstream devices in the world today. Android is an integrated platform for mobile devices developed by Google, which includes the operating system, user interface, and applications, as well as all the software required for mobile phone work.

Android is not all open source. It can be divided into two parts. The first part is the Android Open Source Project (ASOP), which is the foundation of Android and can provide operating systems and common device-level functions. The second part is the closed part of Android, Which is GMS. It can provide a full set of popular applications and cloud-based services under Google. GMS can only be used after obtaining permission from Google.

Although the Google application has withdrawn from the Chinese market, everyone is no stranger to some popular Google applications, such as Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Talk, etc., all of which belong to the category of GMS applications. In addition, GMS applications also include the Google Play store, which has more than 1 million applications, which can meet the daily needs of life and work.

Only by obtaining GMS authorization can above Google’s most popular applications and APIs be integrated into Android devices. After obtaining it, you can pre-install the GMS application on the device, and at the same time install your own application, an application from a third-party publisher, or other ASOP applications. In addition, terminal customers can also install any apps chosen from the Google Play store.


In foreign markets such as Euro and US, the basic needs of users for software come from Google applications and Google Play under the GMS framework. Moreover, all applications of the Android platform rely heavily on GMS, and devices without GMS installed cannot run Google applications and applications that require GMS support. Even if it can be installed, it will flash back or prompt "stopped running" when running.

Many foreign operators require GMS authorization, and unauthorized domestic equipment exporters cannot pass the operator’s sales channels. This is the importance of GMS authorization.

At present, Android manufacturers that have obtained GMS authorization account for a minority.

Google not only needs to consider factors such as the brand strength, software, and hardware strength, shipment volume, and region of Android manufacturers but also needs to conduct a series of tests such as CTS compatibility test and VTS supplier test on Android devices authorized by GMS. Although it is difficult, the gold content is extremely high.

Many Android vendors that are not authorized by GMS can only use the Android Open Source Project (ASOP) without integrating GMS applications and services or integrating some GMS applications and services through abnormal means. This will seriously affect the terminal customer's experience and cause some unavoidable problems, such as you need to find channels to download and install the applications that you need, pre-installed GMS applications being unstable or third-party applications are not compatible, etc.

In order to meet the needs of terminal users, provide a good sense of user experience, and ensure the stability and consistency of the equipment, Emdoor Info conducted GMS for rugged Android terminals of different sizes and versions. The authorized rugged Android terminal integrates all GMS applications and services and displays the official Google Logo, which indicates the compliance of the device.

The following is a list of equipment authorized by Emdoor Information through GMS:


Note: The application of GMS varies depending on the country/region's supply situation and laws and regulations. Therefore, GMS authorization is divided into different country/region versions (EEA, non-EEA, etc.).

The rugged Android terminals authorized by Emdoor Info through GMS include 3 rugged handheld terminals and 4 rugged tablet terminals.

   ◆Covers sizes from 5-6 inch handheld terminals to 8-10 inch tablets

   ◆System from Android 8.1/9.0 to the latest Android10.0

   ◆CPU Types from ARM Quad-core to ARM Octa-core

   ◆From EEA area to non-EEA area

   ◆Protection level from IP65 to IP67

   ◆From 1D/2D scanner to NFC/UHF RFID data collection

   ◆Positioning from GPS to Beidou

   ◆From 3G/4G to WiFi/Bluetooth wireless communication

In addition to providing terminal customers with more choices, the reliability of our rugged Android terminal is combined with the compatibility and stability of GMS, which can be used in warehousing and logistics, industrial automation, petroleum exploration, outdoor surveying and mapping, automobile inspection, road law enforcement and other industries.

In the future, Emdoor Info will launch more GMS rugged android tablet that can be used as soon as opening. In addition, because the authorization of GMS requires signing a MADA agreement with Google, we can also provide customized Android terminal GMS authorization services for brand customers who do not have MODA, helping them to expand overseas markets.


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