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Productbeoordeling: robuuste handheld-EM-T60

Rugged handheld EM-T60 that has just been released by Emdoor. It is the only one with a full screen in the entire ET series.

Now let’s test its performance.


Opening the box, we saw a charger and a lanyard inside. The charging cable is TYPE-C, the output power of the charging head is 5V2A, and the charging power is 10W. It can be regarded as a conventional configuration.


Let's take a look at the machine. It is very light, without the heaviness of a traditional industrial PDA, and very thin, just like the mobile phones we usually use.

Except for a front camera and earpiece, the front of the machine has no other superfluous things.The overall beauty is very good.


There is a rear camera and a long strip hole on the back. This long strip hole matches the long strip hole below and can pass through a lanyard or strap. There is a connecting convex groove between the two holes, which plays a very good visual traction role, and there is an NFC swiping logo in the middle.


The edge of the machine is designed with curved surface, which fits the palm of the hand and is comfortable to hold. The surface texture not only looks hierarchical, but also plays a role of anti-slip. There is a scan engine on the top.TF and SIM card slots, two volume buttons and an orange scan button on the right side of the fuselage. There is a power button and a custom button on the left side of the fuselage. There is also an orange scan code button. At the bottom is the Type-C interface, microphone and speaker.


The entire external body is not fixed by screws, and there is no form of engagement between the front shell and the rear shell. The design is completely integrated with the rear shell. The screen is directly locked in the rear shell and is tightly seamed. The function part of the machine is more conventional and concise, and the hand feel is quite good.

Next we will take a look at its performance. During the boot process, we can see that there is an official little green man logo of Google, which is written as Powered by Android.After booting up, we can also see that there is a Google App Store APP, which means that this model has been officially certified by Google and can get a series of genuine Google apps.


Ultra-narrow frame with 5.7-inch large screen, good visual effects


Android 10 OS,  4GB+64GB storage, screen resolution 720*1440 , rear 16MP+front 13MP camera, and dual SIM card slots. The processor is not mentioned here. According to the official release, this model It uses a MediaTek Arm-based octa-core processor with a maximum frequency of 2.0GHz, and the overall configuration is still very strong.


In order to better evaluate its processing capabilities, we downloaded the test application to test the machine. After a series of calculations, the final evaluation result is 185867 points, CPU score 77370 points, GPU score 33077 points. This score is more than enough for daily multi-program operation. To test its fluency, we also used it to play the "King of Honor" mobile game. There was no jam during the game, which is good.


Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, 4G full Netcom, NFC function, network configuration can also be carried, it is said that it also has the function of wireless relay. After connecting to Wi-Fi, turn on the hotspot function, and then we take another device to turn on the local area network, after the connection is successful, you can browse the web.

Let's take a look at the camera part, enter the interface, the default is the photo interface, look at the zoom ratio, the maximum is 4x zoom. There are multiple camera modes, and the function of HDR, and then we go to the settings to have a look,you can set photos of three size ratios, the default is 4:3. Support 1080P and 720P format video, the definition is also very good.


For the handheld, the biggest feature lies in its scanning characteristics. We took two different forms of barcodes, opened a text input interface at random, and scanned the codes. The response speed was very fast. In addition, there is a code scanning program in the system, where you can set the code scanning switch, scanning type, scanning duration, continuous scanning, scanning light, etc.


According to the official release, EM-T60 has reached IP67 dust and water resistance, and 1.2M drop resistance. In the handheld terminal, the protection level is very high. We prepared a basin of water to test it, soak the machine in the standby state for about one minute before taking it out. The screen was bright and the function was normal. Then it freely fell to the ground from a height of nearly 1M, without damage, and without any scratches on the surface. It shows that the officially released parameters are still very reliable.

Up to this point, the evaluation of the EM-T60 handheld of Emdoor has been completed. On the whole, in the  rugged handheld industry, this model is still very good in all aspects.


In the future, I will continue to bring you the evaluation of the other two models of the ET series released by Emdoor, so stay tuned.

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